GRP Piping System

Graphite India Limited is the pioneer in the field of manufacturing of large diameter Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastic (GRP) pipes, pipeline liners by continuous process in India. This venture was started in 1989 with Technical and financial collaboration of Veroc technology AS, Norway which was then known as Flowtite AS.

GRP Pipes:

GRP pipe can be used as pressure as well as gravity pipelines for water, raw water, industrial effluents, and sea water pipelines. These pipes are in use in cross country pipelines, sewerage disposal systems, sea water intake & return lines in power plants , refurbishing of old sewers with liners & desalination plants globally as well as in India.


Joints: Double bell collar joints/coupling with EPDM gaskets are the standard joints for pipe to pipe. These are completely machine made & tested joints. These are push fit joints requiring no adhesives, cementing material. Gaskets are lipped one which make leakproof joint. Coupling itself acts as an expansion joint because of its design.

We also supply flanges for interconnection with other pipes/ pumps, valve fixing. Butt lamination joints as required can be used for site works & for fabrication of fittings.


All kinds of GRP fittings such as mitered bends, tees, flanges, reducers etc are available. Fittings are made from parent, tested pipes & are mitered ones. Fittings are generally fabricated in plant. If required, few fittings can be fabricated on site by our skilled team.


GRP circular liners are used to refurbish old lines in metros. We have supplied such liners through main contractors to Delhi Municipal Corporation, Kolkata Municipal Corporation, Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation. Jointing system can be based on client’s requirement. Liner sizes can be from 300 mm dia to 3000 mm dia. Length of each liner can be based on client’s requirement. Since GRP is a composite these can be designed especially for given properties.