Our Green Scheme

GIL does not just offer customers quality products and services. It conducts business with a respect for the environment at every stage of its product cycle across all its plants. As a result, the company is committed to sustainable development.

Fostering Green Initiatives

Graphite And Environment Practices

Safe and sustainable environmental practices are integral to operations at Graphite. Its multi-stage operational process consumes a large amount of energy, generates enormous heat, various gases and dust particles. All these are treated adequately to protect ambient working conditions and the external environment.

Lower Energy Consumption

One tonne of electrode needs approx 6500-7000 units of power and approx 325-425 litres of furnace oil. Over the years GIL has rationalized energy consumption through various means: the installation of 18 MW hydel power plant in Karnataka generating over 50 million units.

Prudent Investments

The company has made substantial investments in various pollution control equipment over the past few years. The equipment installed include ETP incinerators, electrostatic precipitators,dust collectors, scrubbers, fume hoods and oil separators. The investments made and initiatives adopted have resulted in maintaining emission and pollution control levels well within the prescribed limits.


  • Installation of oil separation tanks to prevent oil mix and spills
  • Monthly ETP test to check performance quality
  • Rigorous compliance with a documented procedure
  • Installation of plant to treat human wastes, treated to be used for gardening as manure
  • The installation and maintenance of effective dust collectors at all dustgenerating points
  • A bimonthly check of ambient and stack air by external agencies
  • The commissioning of incinerators to remove unwanted particles and products
  • The sale of solid wastes to authorized agents or for their use in land filling.
  • The provision of acoustic enclosures to minimise noise levels from multifuel power generating sets and a bimonthly testing check


Some of the company''s safety initiative include: all workmen are provided with nose masks, safety shoes, hand gloves, dress and helmets among other equipment. Regular safety audits are carried out and actions are taken. All the workmen who work at height are provided with belts and they work under supervision of engineer. Signboards indicate the necessity of safety devices and are displayed all over the plant. Fire extinguishers are installed / kept at vulnerable location. Regular training by qualified trainers are organized for fire fighting. The pressure vessel / storage tanks / life tackles are regularly checked for load bearing capacities.



We Care For Our Employees

The plants have adopted wide-ranging initiatives to protect the health of its employees. Some of the key initiatives adopted by the various plants include.

Workers have been covered under an ESIC and Personal Accident Policy

Officers / staff are covered under a Mediclaim and Personal Accident Policy

A qualified physician carries out biannual check-ups for workmen

Dust, fumes and heat generating areas are controlled to reduce emissions