About Us

Our Vision

To be a preferred supplier, delivering customized graphite products for application in ferrous, non-ferrous and process industries, forging partnerships, researching customer needs and concerns, thereby generating enhanced shareholder value.

Fueling Technical, Environmental, Economic & Human Advancement

We have a team of dedicated professionals who are passionate about the Carbon and Graphite technology and also the application specialists whose treasure of experience in a variety of furnaces is a distinct advantage for the users. There is a customer orientation in our operational procedures and services which has helped Graphite India to carve out a niche in the competitive milieu around the world.

Worldwide Marketing

GIL aims at proactive collaboration with global players to identify new business opportunities and innovative applications.

Increased Proportion Of
Value-added Products

Our wide range of raw material provenances and product based on high purity flexible graphite allows us to add an increased proportion of value-added products.

Low-cost Capacity Expansion

By further leveraging our core competence and economies of scale we aim at advancing our production capacity cost efficiently.

Economical Manufacturing

We strive to keep the manufacturing costs minimal by combining innovation with experience to benefit all stakeholders.

Wide Product Range

GIL offers a wide spectrum of carbon & graphite product to a range of industries and varied applications.

Efficient Deliveries

GIL ensures timely delivery to its customers with efficient global partners and proximity of the manufacturing facilities to inland customers and sea ports.

Business Units

Serving Global Markets

Our strategic business units are equipped with great accessibility to main ports that have potential outreach,
making it viable for us to stay connected to our network of global trade partners.

  • Electrode — Durgapur, Nashik, Nuremberg(Germany)
  • Speciality — Nuremberg(Germany), Nashik
  • Coke and Paste — Barauni
  • Impervious Graphite Equipment — (IGE, Nashik)
  • GRP — Nashik
  • Power — Chunchunkatte
  • Powmex Steel Division - Titilagarh