Technical Services

At Graphite India CUSTOMER is the Buzz word of our mission and vision.

Our products are tailored to customers’ needs, designed and manufactured

  • To meet their furnace applications and
  • to optimize the consumption

In order to achieve this, GIL engineers study the application both by study of data sheet and/or site visit wherever possible , so as to fine tune the product to the specified operating parameters. Once the electrodes have been installed, the performance is monitored on a regular basis and assistance is offered for perfecting the joints, sharpening the regulation, sharing international experience, all culminating to optimization of the cost of electrodes per ton of liquid steel.

It is the above value added services which have helped us to carve out a niche among our valued customers who count on GIL for reliability, promptness and adherence the commitment.

Production Facilities

The total capacity of Production is
80,000 Tons per annum.

The Production facilities of Graphite India have modern equipments like:-

  • Advanced Mixing Equipment
  • High Capacity Extrusion Presses
  • Ring Type Baking Furnaces
  • Rebaking Tunnel Kilns
  • Rebaking Furnaces
  • CNC Lathes and Automatic Machining Line
  • LWG and Acheson Graphitisation Furnaces for Specific Products